Flowers Of Theater.

Flowers Of Theater (Jenin)

 After assessing their needs, the Act English Drama Club learned that both staff and students were dismayed with the environment at their school and YDRC in Jenin. There were no trees or plants in the outdoor areas, and the indoor facilities were not decorated with learning tools, pictures, or artwork.  It was also a concern that the use of the English language was rarely promoted to youth. Surveyed students and staff assured the Act English Club Members and CDCE-I staff that the uninspiring environment at the school and club negatively affected the motivation of youth to participate in, and benefit from, sponsored activities.  The Act English Drama Club responded to the expressed needs of  students and staff at the school and YDRC by implementing an initiative that aimed to give life to their facilities, and thus improve their effect on the interest and motivation of students and youth members. The initiative included the creation of artistic murals on the walls of outdoor spaces and planting trees and flowers at the location of the Club’s new covered playground. To decorate the indoor spaces the Club Members created signs that promoted English-language acquisition in a fun and inspiring way.

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