“Our Municipalities – Accountable & Effective”

The project is a results-based, grassroots, accountability, transparency, and civic empowerment program that gathers the relevant stakeholders to address and fill gaps in good governance at the 15 LGUs located in the Bethlehem and Hebron governorates. Overall, the proposed project will scale up LGUs’ social accountability mechanisms, including activities that empower youth, local residents and CSOs to enhance their civic participation in order to hold the public sector accountable. To do this, the project will empower Youth-led Local Councils to partner with LGUs and facilitate their better representation of, services to, and outreach with marginalized local citizens such as women and youth. Then, the project will institutionalize external accountability systems that are instrumental to LGUs’ good-governance, yet mostly non-existent in the Southern West Bank, such as Town Hall Meetings, public forums, and debates. Finally, a locally targeted Buzz Awareness Campaign will raise the awareness of local residents about their civic roles and responsibilities, and advocate for citizens’ active role in government.

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