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CDCE-I through Knowledge Protects project will support the Palestinian judicial system to build bridges with citizens in Bethlehem and Hebron to raise awareness about the Family Court system, services and the legal rights it protects. Knowledge Protects will target youth in schools in Bethlehem in cooperation with the Palestine Ahliya University College “PAUC” Legal Clinic and Family Courts to raise their awareness about and family court systems and legal rights it protects. 15 students “Knowledge Protects Ambassadors” will be empowered to perform awareness building grassroots activities in their schools and communities, 3 awareness workshops, 3 public debates, 3 quiz shows, and an essay contest.

Family Court representatives will lead 3 workshops in Bethlehem and Hebron, workshops will include debates, drama sketches about the legal rights protected by the Family Court as well as family court services such as pre-marriage counseling, heritage issues, and alimony. 2 Stop Motion Videos will be produced about Family Court systems and services, the videos will be presented in the workshops. Videos will be placed on numerous stakeholder websites, broadcast on “Ma’an” TV Station and website, and promoted through Buzz social media campaign. The campaign will include social media activities and 2 infographic posters. This will increase public awareness and positive attitude toward Family Court and its services including enforcement units.

Moreover, awareness of 400 citizens is raised about the Palestinian family court system, services and the legal rights it protects through quiz shows and debate events in three youth Centers in Bethlehem, 7 sessions to show drama episodes that produced the last in 2016 followed by post discussion will be conducted, 350 citizens will be engaged in the discussion about procedures of Family courts.


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