Youth Partnership Project

Project overview:

The Society for Community Development and Continuing Education has implemented targeted youth programs and activities aimed at increasing educational and leadership opportunities for young people between the ages of 14 and 29 years in Bethlehem governorate within the USAID-funded Partnership with Youth Program. As the Association is keen to provide the best services to citizens, and strives to raise the level and development, and support and build capacities of young people and support in cooperation with community institutions to be an active component in the construction of Palestinian society.

Duration of the project :

         1 July 2017 – 31 December 2017

Project donors:
         IREX International Foundation – USAID

 Project Partners:

  • Municipality of Taqwa
  • Palestine Ahliya University
  •  Creative Foundation Municipality of Beit Fajjar
  • Municipality of Doha

The main outputs of the project:

Capacity building of 22 young male and female students in the field of academic excellence skills Building the capacity of 27 male and female students in English language schools Building the capacity of 30 male and female students in the field of parallel arts Building the capacity of 42 young men and women of school students in the field of animation Build capacity of 77 young male and female school students in the field of young leaders Building the capacity of 130 young men and women from Palestinian universities in the media program Building the capacity of 40 young Palestinian university students in the IT program Capacity building of 63 young Palestinian students in the Young Leadership Program.

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