Project Name:

Community Based Training for Self Employment and Small Enterprise Creation (CBTSEC)

About the project:

CBTSEC, a project implemented in two phases, built the capacity of students and promoted the concept of leadership and self-employment through 120 training hours in the following subjects: administration, accounting, finance, correspondence, reporting, information technology, communication, and marketing sciences.

Project Purpose:

To enhance the employability of youth by increasing their skillsets in areas that are both demanded by the local job market, and deficient in graduates of higher education institutions.

Project Donor: GIZ / TVET

Phase 1

Phase 1 Duration:

December 2010 – July 2011

Phase 1 Outputs:

  • 40 youth with enhanced entrepreneurial skills
  • 29 business models
  • 2 start-up businesses

Phase 2

Phase 2 Duration:

December 2012 – April 2013

Phase 2 Outputs:

  • 20 beneficiaries with enhanced entrepreneurial skills
  • 20 business models

Project Partners: Local Employment & Training Council (LET) – Bethlehem

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