Media Technology

About the project:
The Media Sound & Light Training Program strengthens the links between educational institutions, vocational and technical training centers, and the Palestinian private sector, in order to enhance graduates’ qualifications to meet the needs of the local labor market. Current market needs include technicians in the field of information technology, in general, and in the areas of sound and light, in specific. The on-going program continues to achieve its goals through the provision of practical trainings that utilize modern and sophisticated methodologies and equipment, and by providing participants with employment opportunities in private sector institutions.

Project Duration: May 2012 – May 2015 (Currently an on-going core program)

Project Donor: GIZ/TVET

Project Partners:
­ Palestine Ahliya University
­ Various local media institutions, especially in Bethlehem and Hebron
Current Programs:
• One year training program (TVET Level 2), provided by CDCE-I
• One year diploma program (TVET Level 4) provided by PAU

Stage and preparation:

Since the start of the program, the terms of delivery have been determined by the organization of the main specifications according to the criteria of work selected (3) courses and graduation of the beneficiaries and the fourth cycle was started according to the following table:

2014/2015 22 beneficiaries

2015/2016 21 beneficiaries

Year 2016/2017 11 beneficiaries

Year 2017/2018 9 Beneficiaries

Units taught:

A set of modules developed in cooperation with GIZ and local experts in consultation with private sector representatives. The course includes the following modules:

* Theoretical entrance – information technology, ethics of the profession

* Principles of public safety, use and borrowing of equipment

*Life Skills


* Sound Technics

* Editing

* Video filming (dialogue programs, news reports, external transport)

*Field Training

* The basics of television output

* Photography 2

* Digital image effects

* Production of an external television documentary film

A distinguished group of trainers with experience in the field of media and training are:

Raed Zawahra /  Hafez Asakra /  Fahd Abu Haikal /  Bassam Al-Haddad/  Tamador Abu Laban /Wisam Aljafari/ Ahmed Mezher.


Within the framework of the program, cooperation with media institutions to train participants and the most important of these institutions:

Radio Bethlehem 2000
Radio Mwal
Radio Baladna
Palestine News Network
Ma’an News Agency
Palestine TV


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