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Maintenance of smart phones:

About the project 
Within the framework of the EU support project for the sector of education and technical training in Palestine implemented by the German Foundation for Development Cooperation (GIZ), the Society for Community Development and Continuing Education program is implementing a specialized training program in the field of programming and maintenance of smart phones so that a curriculum and scientific training material have been developed by experts in the field of smart phones and programming In addition, a full integrated maintenance laboratory has been equipped, which is one of the most advanced and most advanced at the level of the society. It gives the opportunity to those who wish to experience this field by completing a professional technical course consisting of 220 hours distributed in a way that ensures obtaining the largest amount of Information.

Years and numbers:
Since the start of the program, the conditions of membership have been determined to meet the basic conditions according to the criteria of the Ministry of Labor, which is the end of the tenth grade, where the completion of one course and the graduation of beneficiaries, where the number of beneficiaries 9 beneficiaries for the year 2017.

Units taught:
A set of modules developed in cooperation with GIZ and local experts in consultation with private sector representatives. The course includes the following modules:

* Introduction to digital electronics and special semiconductors in smartphones
* The basics of electrical circuits, digital and communication principles in telephone networks
* Introduction to mobile phone maintenance
* Introduction to the maintenance of mobile operating systems
* Maintenance of peripherals
* Maintenance of an advanced mobile phone
* Advanced mobile operating systems
* Entrepreneurship course
*graduation project
*field training


A distinguished group of trainers with experience in smartphones and programming are:
Dr. Ahmed Hassaneh / Hafez Asakrah /  Abdullah Barhoum / Jamal Shakhtor /  Ihab El Zoghbi

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