Young Arab Voices

About the project:
young Arab voices is a regional program launched in 2013 in various Arab countries, and 2015 in Palestine. the project is a collaboration between the British council , the anna lidh foundation, and a group of youth organization in the west bank , including the community development & continuing education institute, Palestinian vision organization, Palestinian consultative staff for NGOs development, students forum institute, the Palestinian child’s home club, Nablus municipality hamdy manko cultural center , al-awda center for childhood and youth, and the youth development resource center. within the project, youth participated in training, coaching , public debate activities, and local, national , and regional competitions . CDCE-I led English debaters won 3rd place in regional competition in Tunis in 2016.

Project financier: British Council and Anna Lindh Foundation.

Project Partners:

1. Palestinian Advisory Board for the Development of Institutions – Jenin
2. The Return Center for Child and Youth Care – Tulkam Camp
Nablus Cultural Center – Nablus
4. Palestinian Vision Foundation – Jerusalem
5. Students Forum Foundation – Bethlehem
6. Association for Community Development and Continuing Education – Bethlehem
7. Palestinian Children’s House Club – Youth Development Resource Center – Hebron

Project outputs
1- Establishment of the club’s corresponding club.
2. Holding a number of public debates by presenting important topics in the Palestinian arena with the participation of personalities and public and corporate bodies.
3 – Rehabilitation of a group of coaches and young referees of the club
4 – Training more than 200 young men and women in different clubs.
5- Qualifying 18 partner institutions.
6 – Organizing a national competition in Jericho with the participation of all the corresponding clubs for the first phase of the project and a national competition in Bethlehem for the second phase of the project.
7- Participating in a competition in Jordan.
8- Participate in the regional competition contest in Tunisia and achieve honorable results: First place in Arabic in the Arabic language debate and third place in the English language debate
9- To hold a ceremony honoring all participants in the program from all club

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