Young Mediterranean Voices

Project overview:

Young Mediterranean Voices “YMV” program is a complementary project to the Young Arab Voices “YAV” program. Both aim to empower young people to promote channels of dialogue, to contribute in public policy, to create a common understanding with peers throughout the Mediterranean Sea on how to discuss issues of common concern related to their communities.”

Project objectives:


  1. Create a group of influential young people who have dialogue and discussion skills
  2. Include discussion practices in educational institutions and civil society organizations
  3. Form influential youth platforms to shape public policy, influence decision-makers and create media scandals
  4. Enhance the exposure of young people to discussions and subjects in order to improve their understanding and capacity to participate to develop common responses in their surroundings
  5. Increase the experience of the debate led by Arab youth to other parts of the Mediterranean region and open doors for influential young people to express their views in their communities and learn about the cultures and opinions of other societies.

Project Duration: The program started as “Youth Arab Voices” in Tunisia and Jordan in 2011 and then it was expanded to include six additional countries such as: Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon and Palestine. CDCE-I has joined the program since 2015 and is still a partner in the program.

Project Donor: European Union, British Council and Anna Lindh Foundation.

Project Partners:


  1. Students Forum Institute
  2. YDRC
  3. Al-Awda Center for Childhood and the You‏th

Project Outputs:


  1. Training 5 training groups the debate skills of a total of 94 participants
  2. Winning four out of the first eight spots in the national debate competition 2018
  3. Training 5 additional team members to become master or peer trainers
  4. Participating in the training of trainers in the Jordan

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