Act English

About the project:

Act English, a project implemented in 2015, established English-language drama clubs for 60 youth attending four high schools in Jenin and Qalqilia. Through the project, the capacities of Drama Club Leaders and YDRC staff were built to lead youth drama clubs. Through drama clubs, youth members enhanced their soft skills, including English and leadership. They also designed and implemented English-language drama performances as well as service learning initiatives.



60 students (ages 14-18) attending 4 public secondary schools in Jenin & Qalqilia.

Project Purpose:

Through drama, the project aimed to enhance participants’ English-language, leadership, and other life skills, in order to strengthen their qualifications for future employment.

Project Donor: IREX – USAID.

Project Partners:

Youth Development Resource Center – Jenin

Youth Development Resource Center – Qalqilia

MoEHE Directorate of Education – Jenin

MoEHE Directorate of Education – Qalqilia

Project Duration: February – July 2015.

Project Outputs:


  • 2 youth drama clubs established in YDRC- Qalqilia and YDRC-Jenin
  • 4 youth with enhanced skills as Drama Club            Leaders
  • 60 secondary school students with enhanced soft skills
  • Drama club training manual
  • Drama club curriculum
  • 4 youth-led service learning initiatives targeting    schools and YDRCs in Jenin & Qalqilia

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