Establishing a First Aid Unit in Khalit Al-Haddad Village

Khalit Al-Haddad Village is one of the smallest villages in Bethlehem Southern rural area with total inhabitants of 704. The village’s tiny size negatively affected the services it receives from the public offices; there is a severe lack of services particularly regarding the health care.  This situation was clear as a result of the need assessment done by youth participants of the project “Grassroots Action” implemented by the Community development and Continuing Education Institute “CDCE-I” during the period between August 2013 until July 2014.

Consequently, a youth-led initiative was designed and implemented to establish a first aid unit to serve the inhabitants particularly when knowing that the nearest hospital is 40 kilometers away the fact that endangers the lives of many patients. In addition to the youth efforts and the financial support from CDCE-I, the initiative was also supported by the Village Council, local nurses, and the Ministry of Health. Thanks to those collective efforts the lives of the local inhabitants is safer now.

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