Activating a computer lab and a library in Um Salamuna village

Um Salamuna is a small village of 945 inhabitants located in Bethlehem southern rural area. Like its surrounding villages and gatherings, Um Salamuna suffers weak service provided by the public offices especially regarding the technology. During the need assessment sessions of the “Grassroots Action” project implemented in the area by the Community Development and Continuing Education Institute, many youth expressed the urgency to enhance the IT services in the village.

Consequently, CDCE-I in close cooperation with a youth group particularly IT students from Palestine Ahliya University, designed and implemented an initiative to activate a neglected non-operating computer center. The youth group had fixed the computers providing them with new upgraded software, purchased and installed new PCs and printing machines, and provided the center with internet connections for 15 months. The village council joined efforts by providing an LCD to support the center and signing MoU with the youth group to agree on mechanisms to keep the center running.

CDCE-I had also supported the village library providing new books, stories and games to attract more youth and children to visit the library and benefit from its services.

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