Batir Municipality: A Higher Ranking and Stronger Municipality

The project Developing the capacity of municipalities and local communities in social accountability” implemented by Community Development and Continuing Education Institute in cooperation with Municipality Development and Lending Fund (MDLF), has  helped raise the awareness of decision makers and citizens about social accountability concepts and practices. Additionally, it has improved the capacity of municipal councils and its members with these concepts which has in turn refined social accountability in local governance affairs. The Development and Lending Fund of local governments deliberately aimed to clarify its intention to raise the standards of social accountability when assessing and classifying municipalities. This constitute an additional motivation for them to cooperate. Batir Municipality was a clear example in this respect. Where they contributed in raising the municipality ranking in according to the criteria. The classification of Batir municipality in 2018 was C+ and in 2019 was C++, however, the municipality had objected and submitted documents for implementing social accountability tools and practices such as the disclosure system and grievance redressal mechanism. Furthermore, for establishing social accountability committee within the project. This addition led to the increased B+ classification. With the new ranking, the accompanying privileges had a rewarding impact on the municipality, committee, town and formed a true success story

Qoute1: “I consider that the project has achieved a real accomplishment for the municipality by raising its rank, this will help us providing the best”.

Tayseer Qattoush, The Mayor of Batir Municipality.

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