Beit Awwa Municipality is more transparent and closer to people

The project “Developing the capacity of municipalities and local communities in social accountability” that was implemented by Community Development and Continuing Education Institute in partnership with Municipality Development and Lending Fund(MDLF), has contributed to embedding citizen’s engagement and social accountability practices in the targeted municipalities. However, in Beit Awwa Municipality, the municipality and social accountability committee have proceeded differently. In addition to the collaboration between these bodies and to the adoption of the discloser system, the grievance redressal mechanism as well as to the complaint box provided by SA Committee, they started to utilize the social media platforms to share municipal council’s decisions at each meeting from 14/12/2019 till today. This step toward transparency and the communication with citizens is a real success story for a start-up municipality that needs to reform trust and confidence as Beit Awwa.

Quote1: “I think sharing municipal council’s decisions with people through social media platforms would definitely help the municipality to rebuild trust with citizens and enhance its transparency in our society”

Mohammad Masalmeh, SA Coordinator

Quote2: “I think that the municipality is taking very good steps in social accountability field, and as a member of social accountability committee I’m so excited, and I would help the municipality in implementing the tools mentioned in the executive plan. Sharing council’s decisions and the complaint box are the first steps.

Ghada Swaiti, a Member of SA committee

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