Hand in Hand for Its Development

Brief Introduction to the Initiative:

As part of the activities of the “Our Voice” project, implemented in the West Bank over three years (2021-2023) with funding from the German Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Foundation, the “Hand in Hand for Its Development” initiative was designed and implemented in the town of Shuyukh, north of Hebron. This initiative is a collaboration with the local youth council in the town, along with the municipality of Shuyukh.


Summary of the Initiative:

The main goal of the initiative is to enhance the beauty of the town of Shuyukh by planting trees along the streets, revitalizing historical sites, decorating some walls with new paint and distinctive writings, and labeling the town’s streets. Each street will have a sign with its name, improving the overall appearance of the town and making movement between streets easier for both residents and visitors.


Key Activities and Outputs:

  1. Planting trees in designated areas along the streets, ensuring proper growth through regular checks, and watering them as needed.
  2. Repainting fences and walls of the town and decorating them with appropriate drawings and writings.
  3. Labeling the town’s streets by placing a sign on each street bearing its name.
  4. Organizing a heritage exhibition to revive the old town’s history.



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