Giving Love To Receive Love

Givara Abu Hawwash from Hebron City a 19-years old, is one of the many beneficiaries of the PYE program. She participated in the Profound Stress and Attunement (PSA) workshop implemented by the Community Development and Continuing Education Institute (CDCE-I). The workshop was addressed towards developing beneficiaries’ empathy and resilience in response to their needs, and supports psychosocial improvement. In addition to helping them understand the brain’s reactions to stressors so they can rebuild empathy for self, others and community.

After a week, Givara visited the CDCE-I office to thank the team for this workshop. She tells us that she is really grateful for this opportunity which is helping throughout her daily interactions, especially with her family and friends.  “I’ve always found it difficult to see the people I loved in a bad mood and having a rough time, while not being able to give them a hand in such situations. I became a person who listens to others, works on relieving them and makes sure to stay beside them instead of avoiding the whole situation due to the lack of awareness I had.”  Givara said in her visit for us.

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