Empowering Women’s Participation in the Ramadin Region, One of the Villages in Hebron Governorate, as part of the “Civic Hackathon” Project.

Due to its geographical distance from the center of economic and developmental activities in the lively Hebron region, women and youth, particularly in the Ramadin village, have experienced limited participation in various aspects of public life in the governorate and the region. Additionally, the village adheres to Bedouin social customs and traditions and is classified as Area “C” within the West Bank territories. All these factors negatively impact women’s involvement in social, economic, and political domains, resulting in women’s absence from local participation; in governance, economic activities, or decision-making. As part of the Civic Hackathon project for the year 2022-2023, which is implemented by the Community Development and Continuing Education Institute in partnership with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Family Health International (fhi360) within the framework of the Civil Participation and Community Engagement Project (CPCE) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Civic Hackathon project aims to contribute to strengthening the role of social accountability committees and youth councils in decision-making processes by implementing community initiatives to address obstacles to social inclusion and gender equality in the less fortunate communities in the southern West Bank (Hebron and Bethlehem). The Social Accountability Committee in the Ramadin region, comprising 17 activists from the village, actively participated in the project. The initiative contributed to empowering women in leadership and participation by activating their roles in representing the community’s interests and common needs. The CDCE-I revitalized the social accountability committee by increasing the number of women members, representing residents of Area “C” from various clusters, and integrating young men and women. Through the project activities and previous initiatives coordinated by CDCE-I, the Ramadin Social Accountability Committee, coordinated by “Raneen al-Ramadin,” was formed with eight female members out of the total 17 committee members. These women play a crucial role in the project activities, addressing the issue of women’s limited active participation in marginalized areas, including the Ramadin village. The committee presented a community initiative seeking to enhance women’s leadership roles in the village to contribute to integration and social inclusion within the Civic Hackathon project. Mrs. Nesreen al-Ramadin, former coordinator of the Social Accountability Committee in Ramadin, expressed gratitude for developmental community projects like the Civic Hackathon, emphasizing the need to take confident steps to break social norms and restrictions imposed by customs. She highlighted women’s capabilities and competencies, stating that women can add value to any important cause as integral parts of the social fabric, addressing the needs of the entire community. The committee is committed to proposing a community initiative addressing women’s issues in the Ramadin community, demonstrating their belief in the cause.

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