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 Project Overview:

The project aimed at raising the capacities of institutions concerned with persons with disabilities and provide studies and statistics on the subject through cooperation with local Palestinian universities, including Palestine Ahliya University represented by the Community Development and Continuing Education Institute. The project worked on improving the conditions of persons with disabilities in Palestine by building a unified and comprehensive national strategic plan in several fields. CDCE-I role was concentrated in the first component of the project related to the research and development of strategic plans, where several training sessions were carried out for persons with disabilities. Training topics included how to collect data, how to analyze data, and how to prepare the final research, which will be used in the final strategic plan that aims at achieving the desired goals to improve the living conditions of persons with disabilities in Palestine in several fields such as education, health and job opportunities.

Project Duration: 1/12/2020-19/11/2022

Project Donor:  The Italian Cooperation through EducAid.

Project Partners:

● Local universities: Palestine Ahliya University, Birzeit University and Al-Najah University  

Arco University in Italy

● Institutions and unions representing persons with disabilities in the West Bank and Gaza

Projects’ outputs:

  1. A research study and a participatory strategic plan through collaboration between local universities, ARCO University and EducAid.
  2. Building the capacity of institutions concerned with persons with disabilities to improve the services provided by them, especially access to inclusive education and job opportunities for persons with disabilities.
  3.  Designing and implementing advocacy campaigns through EducAid and organizations of persons with disabilities.
  4. Increasing community awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities and the importance of social integration for them and ways to achieve it.
  5. Implementing a set of activities aimed at empowering persons with disabilities and their representatives, including employment and entrepreneurship opportunities and others.

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