Civic Engagement-promotional of Social Accountability

Project Overview:

CDCE-I has implemented the ” Civic Engagement-promotional of Social Accountability” project as part of the “Development of Areas C in the West Bank” This project is executed within the fifth package in the West Bank through the “Municipal Development and Lending Fund”, funded by the European Union.

The program is based on the premise that the cornerstone of municipal service development lies in them being local governance entities with effective management and heightened accountability. The program is notable and comprehensive because it operates on multiple levels, encompassing infrastructure projects and measuring their social impact. Additionally, it supports good performance by enhancing the capacities of municipalities in financial, planning, operational, and maintenance domains. It concludes by fostering communication between municipal and rural councils, citizens, and representing all marginalized categories and regions.

The project targets (15) communities classified within Area C in 6 governorates in the northern, central, and southern areas of the West Bank: Bethlehem, Hebron, Jerusalem, Tulkarm, Qalqilya, and Jenin. It aims to institutionalize citizen participation and enhance community accountability in municipal work through official guidelines and procedures, adopting best practices for:

  • Strengthening feedback from citizens and beneficiaries regarding the services of local government units (LGUs), especially in marginalized areas.
  • Agreement on clear mechanisms for community participation and accountability.
  • Measuring the social impact of infrastructure projects.

Project Duration: Eighteen months, from May 2021 to November 2022

Project Donor: Municipal Development and Lending Fund

Project Partners:

  1. Carmel Municipality
  2. Ar-Ramadeen Municipality
  3. As-Samou’ Municipality
  4. Janata Municipality
  5. Zatara Municipality
  6. Al-Khader Municipality
  7. Al-Eizariya Municipality
  8. Qalqilya Municipality
  9. Umm Al-Daraj Village Council
  10. Wadi Rahal Village Council
  11. Shofeh Village Council
  12. Jeansafut Village Council
  13. East Aba Village Council
  14. Bir Al-Basha Village Council
  15. Zabdeh Al-Jadeeda Village Council

Project Outputs:

  1. 15 diagnostic reports on accountability and community participation in the targeted communities have been prepared.
  2. 8 social accountability committees (SACs) have been updated in the project’s targeted communities.
  3. 7 social accountability committees (SACs) have been formed in the project’s targeted communities.
  4. 15 annual action plans for community accountability committees have been prepared and developed.
  5. 30 accountability tools have been implemented.
  6. 15 tools/activities have been implemented to raise awareness of community participation and accountability.
  7. 114 members of accountability committees and local authorities have been trained and capacitated on the concepts of community participation and accountability.

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