Positive Youth Engagement Program (PYE)


Positive Youth Engagement Program (PYE) is a five-year program implemented by Mercy Corps and IYF and funded by USAID. The program is implemented in partnership with national partners through engaging local community-based organizations (CBOs). The PYE program aims at supporting 50,000 adolescents with a menu of activities, opportunities for engagement and leadership, and resources to pursue their goals with hope for the future along peaceful and productive pathways. PYE is designed to weaken the push and pull factors that drive adolescents to violence by supporting their personal well-being, helping them develop skills to lead the lives they choose, and strengthening their positive interactions with the community networks and institutions that serve them, including schools, civil society organizations, and private businesses. In direct partnership with Palestinian youth, the program will reintegrate older adolescents (15-19-year olds) into social and economic life by empowering them to successfully pursue their goals and prevent younger adolescents (10-14-year old) from becoming isolated and disconnected from social and economic opportunities.

The Community Development and Continuing Education Institute “CDCE-I” is leading the implementation of the project in Bethlehem Governorate and has targeted around 1200 direct beneficiaries in the first phase from November 2022 to January 2024.

Implementation period: Five Years, it’s now in the first phase.

Donor: United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Mercy Corps


  • Hebron YDRC
  • International Youth Foundation “IYF”
  • Mercy Corps
  • PAU

Main outputs/outcomes

1. Creating safe space

CDCE-I is working on creating an available space within their facilities to be considered as PYE safe space. PYE Interventions will be implemented in the safe spaces along with other CDCE-I’s facilities, under the supervision of the Hebron YDRC.

2. Recruit PYE coordinator and Interns

CDCE-I recruited one full-time PYE coordinator to be considered the PYE focal point. In addition to recruiting two interns in the first phase.

3. Training of Trainers (TOT):

CDCE-I team participated in the training of trainers (TOT) for Profound Stress and Attunement (PSA), I:SERVE and Passport to Success (PTS)

4. Delivering PTS and I Serve trainings

CDCE-I delivered four PTS and I-Serve training to youth through the safe spaces in the first phase.

5. PSA workshops

CDCE-I worked on engaging youth in four Profound Stress and Attunement (PSA) workshops through the safe spaces in the first phase.

6. Learning youth lead initiatives

CDCE-I worked on engaging youth in designing and implementing eight youth-led initiatives targeting the surrounding communities.

Quotes “if available”

 ” I noticed that students’ interest in these topics has increased… and some have expressed interest in attending future workshops or lectures or even studying courses related to the subject”: Trainer

“I never realized how common our struggles are until hearing others’ stories in this workshop. It’s comforting to know we’re not alone in dealing with stress.”  Male Participant.

“I’m leaving this workshop with a renewed sense of purpose. Prioritizing my mental health isn’t selfish—it’s an investment in my overall well-being.” Female Participant.

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