Masahet Shabab (Youth Space)

Masahet Shabab (Youth Space)

Brief Description of the Project: As part of the Civic Hackathon project, which is implemented by the Community Development and Continuing Education Institute in partnership with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Family Health International (fhi360) within the framework of the Civil Participation and Community Engagement Project (CPCE) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Civic Hackathon project aims to contribute to strengthening the role of social accountability committees and youth councils in decision-making processes by implementing community initiatives to address obstacles to social inclusion and gender equality in the less fortunate communities in the southern West Bank. Responsive community initiatives have been implemented to address community needs identified and agreed upon by active stakeholders in the local community, and this initiative was one of them.

Initiative Summary:

  • Location: Halhul
  • Implementation Date: May 25, 2023- July 15, 2023
  • Executors: Halhul Youth Local Council
  • Problem and Intervention: A model library in the northern region of Hebron (Halhul) has been rehabilitated and operated through the refurbishment of the existing library affiliated with the Halhul Women’s Association. This library was handed over to the municipality of Halhul in a cultural and youthful manner. It includes a youth space aimed at encouraging people to read and providing a fertile environment for school and university research, training, workshops, and other cultural and youth activities, similar to the library in the municipality of Hebron. This concept aims to serve the various communities in the northern Hebron region, and Halhul was chosen due to its strategic location.

     Main activities/outputs

  • Cleaning and preparing the designated space for books in the library.
  • Initiating the procurement process for furniture and supplies to furnish the library, especially shelves for the available books and some basic furniture.
  • Sorting and cataloging the books in the library.
  • Promoting reading activities and creating promotional advertisements about the library.
  • Holding a session with consultants and stakeholders to develop an annual operational plan for the library.
  • Preparing and executing the library’s opening ceremony.
  • Establishing a Friends of the Library group and operating the library.


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