From school to center.

From  school to  center (Qalqilya)

During the visits of the staff of the project Act English and members of the drama club frequent club Ahli Qalqilya and the Center for Youth Resources found that the club is not implemented in a manner that fits with the possibilities available to him and that the services provided focus on aspects other than the other, it was noted that the students and departments of schools targeted by the project do not know much about Club and resource center, on the other hand lacks the club and school to the aesthetic environment stimulating and in particular there is no use of the English language for advertising, promotion and guidance and the absence of a library for students.

The goals of the initiative:

  1. To create a more attractive environment for interaction at the YDRC and schools
  2. To expand the club’s activities and promotional scheme
  3. To incorporate the English language to promote activities and give instructions.

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