The Children’s Village in Bethlehem has contracted Community Development and Continuing Education Institute to implement the career guidance program for a group of students from SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem for three years. The program aims to help students from the SOS Children’s Village to choose their future careers through implementing counseling activities to guide them to the academic and career paths that best suit their abilities, preferences, desires and market needs. The activities included field visits to civil, academic, vocational institutions. Note speakers sessions with local experts in different fields such as entrepreneurship and vocational training, group and individual counseling session using TAMHEED psychometric tool, in addition to organizing job shadowing sessions to encounter students to real workplaces for two days. The program also included capacity building program in various topics such as service learning and life skills.

Type of cooperation:

Official contract between both parties

Phases of the program:

First phase: April + May 2015

Professional counseling services were provided to 20 youth.

Second phase: March + April 2016

Professional counseling services were provided to 15 youth.

Third phase: April +May 2017

Professional counseling services were provided to 17 youth.


Palestine Ahliya University – SOS Bethlehem – Doozan Printing – Radio Bethlehem 2000 – Music Academy Beit Jala –  Yamamah Hospital – “Form” Engineering Office – National Security Forces – Hisham Rahhal Law Office – Start Institute – Bethlehem Academy for Sports – Nativity Engineering Office – Local Rehabilitation Committee – Institute of Textiles and Fashion – Nabeel Qumsieh Beauty Medical Center –  Talitha Kumi Community College – Radio Baladna – Vocational Training Center/ Beit Jala –  Engineers Union – Independent Commission for Human Rights – Dar Alitam Islamic Orphanage – Doha Sports Club – Al-Shurooq School for Blind Children – Alliance Française de Bethléem – Bethlehem Police Office – Rowwad institute.

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